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This is Petey, the broken puppy. What a darling. He was in a foster home  before, during, and after his surgery to repair his broken femur.  At just six months  old he was found with a severely broken leg.  Not  just broke but turned in the wrong direction. It was broken in the growth plate and required a tricky surgery but the orthopedic fixed it and saved his leg. He was adopted and moved to Orlando to be with his new family. 

And the Journey Continues with many more thanks to all of your donations!

Tee Jay arrived at the shelter with a broken leg on the 4th of July.  We think he was probably running from the sound of fireworks.  His owner did not come for him so CCFAP made sure he had his surgery.  His surgical repair was not successful and Tee Jay's leg was amputated.   It never slowed this guy down though.  He adjusted well and is as feisty as ever.  Tee Jay is now with a new family enjoying life.  


Bentley was left in the overnight kennels at Animal Services.  He was a red hot mess -- bald and itchy.  He was insecure and anxious.  He was fostered in a home with nine other dogs and he immediately learned how to be a confident and happy dog.  Within three weeks his coat and skin were beautiful and he was adopted by a very loving family.  

Tee Jay


Suzy Sweet Pea




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Suzy Sweet Pea arrived at the shelter with broken bones after being hit by a car.  Without organizations like CCFAP to take care of her medical needs, Suzy may have been put to sleep because her needs were more than animal services can provide.  Thanks to donations of a caring community we were able to help her.  She is living her happily ever after with a wonderful family and a canine sister.  


Zander was a precious little puppy that was beaten by his owner.  Thankfully, someone who knew of it brought Zander to the vet and the owner was later arrested.  Zander was placed in a foster home and CCFAP ensured he had the medical care he needed.  Zander was later adopted by one of the vet techs that cared for him at the vet office. 

Tyson arrived at the shelter with the largest tumor we've ever seen!  CCFAP provided his medical care to remove it and we helped him get to a no-kill rescue where he was later adopted.  The tumor was so heavy we were amazed at how well he coped with it and what an amazing, happy attitude he had. 

The sad eyes are gone and caster is all smiles now.  We had known Caster for awhile and had never seen him run and play until he had dental surgery!  CCFAP took care of his medical expenses so he could have 8 impacted teeth and part of a necrotic jaw bone  removed.  He was probably in pain for many years.  Caster is now living his happily ever after with a wonderful new family who loves him dearly.  

Petey Update:

We want to thank every one of who contributed to his surgery. He is a boy that deserves to have a full life and now he will.

 This little guy never felt sorry for himself though. He has an amazing spirit and a joy for living.  We think Petey's new mom is perfect for him.  These two redheads will be a loving pair for each other. Petey is now  "Sir Michael Peter the Magnificent warrior dog!" Or "Mikey" for short.