Meet Petey

This is Petey, the broken puppy. What a darling. He will be a long term foster before, during, and after his surgery to repair his broken femur.  

Petey is a six month old Jack Russell Terrier puppy that was found with a severely broken leg. It's not just broke but turned in the wrong direction. It's broken in the growth plate and will require a tricky surgery but the orthopedic specialist thinks he can fix it and save his leg. He will be having surgery in Tampa to repair the leg on December 2nd.

Petey Update:

We want to thank every one of who contributed to his surgery. He is a boy that deserves to have a full life and now he will.

His new mama lives in Orlando and is going to the appointment in Tampa with Dr. Hay in hopes of taking him home. His foster dad will be a mess. What an amazing save. We've never seen a broken leg twisted completely backwards and going in the wrong direction. This little guy never felt sorry for himself though. He has an amazing spirit and a joy for living.

Dr Hay was very pleased with the little man's progress this morning. It was a very stressful hand off, but we will adjust. These two redheads will be a loving pair for each other. Petey will now be "Sir Michael Peter the Magnificent warrior dog! Or "Mikey" for short

Sir Michael Peter 'Mickey" in his New Home

Hello everyone, Chance here! Remember the post asking for a foster home for me? Well thanks to all you wonderful people that shared my post I found a wonderful foster home! I even have a furry friend name Buddy that is teaching me the ropes and helping me fit in. I really like it here much better than that shelter. So yesterday I got to see the specialist Dr. Hay in Tampa about my bad hips. He said I need a Double FHO to fix my hips. I will be honest I'm am not looking forward to this surgery it will be very painful for me for months before I will start to feel good again and even longer until I will feel like a normal pup. But they tell me it will be worth it once I am past this because I will be able to one day live a pain free life. It's been a long time since I have known what its like. So now I have to ask you great people for your help again. These volunteers need to raise money to cover my surgery. They say it will cost $2,500 and I will be in the hospital for a week! They tell me I won't be able to walk for a couple weeks without my foster mom putting a sling under me and carrying me outside for exercise and potty breaks. My foster mom has taken on a huge task to help me and I am very thankful to her and her family for taking me in during my hardest times.  
I am tired now so I am headed for a nap, but wanted to again say thank you everyone. The volunteers will keep you updated on how I am doing. 

Chance Going to His Foster Home

With his Foster Mom and furry friend Buddy

Volunteer friends Christina and Tamra Came to Visit


Post Surgery

He was adopted by his foster family!  They love him and say "he adopted us".   He and his fur sibling Buddy, a big bully, are BFF's. 

    Chance Now Living the Good Life



          Citrus County Animal Shelter Volunteers + Non Profit Animal Organizations +               Shelter Staff = SUCCESS          

We are so greatful and pleased to have such a great group to be involved with and help these animals find their forever homes. Thank you to everyone that made it out to our Open House / Adoption Event! Let's keep up the great enthusiasm and let's keep sharing these furbabies so they can find their forever families that are out there! 





                                                Susie Sweet Pea's Story


CCFAP is helping another dog with surgery costs.  Susie Sweet Pea was hit by a car but she doesn't feel sorry for herself.  Even though she is in a lot of pain she maintains a good attitude and is a happy, loving girl.  She is an exceptionally nice dog, she LOVES other dogs, and she LOVES watching TV.  The fractures in the front legs and pelvis will heal with crate rest.  However the fracture of the femur required two pins and the FHO surgery.  She is doing amazingly well so far!  She is in a foster home while she recovers.  She bonds very quickly and seems to be grateful for the help that she has received so far.  She is a wonderful little dog.  It may be several weeks before she is released for adoption but if you would like to consider her or obtain more information, contact her foster family at

                    If you can, would you consider donating towards her medical expenses?                       Any contribution would be helpful and no amount is too small. 

Susie Sweet Pea had her surgery March 16th and is doing well.

It will be a tricky recovery to balance the rest needed for the fractures verses the exercise needed for the FHO surgery.  She wil be going into a foster home wile she recovers.  Even through her pain you can tell what an exceptionally nice dog she is. The orthopedic vet thinks that Susie Sweet Pea would beneift from a rehabilitation program as she progresses in her therapy.  These photos were taken prior to surgery.  We will update you as she progresses.



Coming Home - Post Op Day 2


Post Op Day 6


Post Op Day 9

Susie Sweet Pea is such a resilient girl. She has a sweet disposition in spite of the multiple injuries she sustained when hit by a car. We appreciate the donations made to for her medical expenses.

       Susie Sweet Pea has been adopted!!

She is now named Poet and will have such a happy life with her new family! 



For those of You Following Zander's Story -


Xander was adopted today by one of the employees at Countryside Animal Clinic who helped save him and care for his serious injuries. Everyone at Countryside has been absolutely wonderful in caring for this precious puppy. Xander can now live his "happily ever after" without fear of abuse ever again!

Zander is well on his journey of recovery.  He is now living with his new dad who will officially adopt him once the pending legal case is closed.  He has gained 8 lbs. and is doing great!  Zander's beatings and broken bones hasn't taken the puppy out of him.  He still wants to play, pounce, run, and roll around like normal puppies.  He is very forgiving and holds no grudges.  He just wants to live a happy life and we have no doubt that he will bea special blessing to everyone that knows him.

  We appreciate everyone who donated and helped make this possible. 




After hearing the story about Zander the puppy last week - Mrs. Polly Ebert's 1st grade class wanted to help.  They combined their allowance money which added up to approximately $80 and brought it to school.  Zander's foster parents wanted to say thank you to the class and brought Zander by for a special visit this afternoon.  As you can see, the kids were thrilled!

Zander got some much-deserved puppy love on Tuesday from the Seven Rivers Christian School’s first-grade class, which raised about $80 from personal allowances for the 4-month-old’s recent surgery. The student’s donations were made to the Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP), which covered Zander’s surgery expenses at a Tampa veterinary clinic for a broken leg caused by his former owner.

“We’re all stewards of all animals on the Earth,” said the school’s first-grade teacher, Polly Ebert. “God gives us the animals to use, not to abuse.”

The class began raising money for Zander on Friday after 7-year-old Garrett Pitzer told Ebert he was praying both at school and at home for Zander’s recovery.

“He wanted to pray for Zander that he would get better,” Meghan Pitzer said about her son. “He came back home and begged us to adopt him.”

When 6-and-a-half-year-old Annsley Greene found out Zander was coming to class, she couldn’t wait to see him.

“I thought it was going to be cute, and it was cute,” she said about Zander.

“He’s adorable, he’s so cute,” added 7-year-old Jaimzie Emberley.

Animal Control Officer, Tina Andes, was the officer who initially to responded to Zander’s abuse case.

“I’m just so thankful that the deputy took over the case for him to be prosecuted,” Andes said. “We just wanted to be here today…it makes it all worthwhile.”

A veterinary technician with Countryside Animal Clinic has adopted Zander, Andes said.

CCFAP is still accepting donations to pay for Zander’s surgery. 


Post Op Updates

Post Op Day 9


Post Op Day 8



Post Op Day 4


Post Op Day 3

He is an amazing little guy!

Enjoying a little love from his foster dad


All he wants is to be a normal puppy but Zander will never be normal again. He suffered horrific abuse at the hands of his owner. At only 4-months-old he was abused so severely that his eyes hemorrhaged, his face and head were bruised and swollen, and his hind leg was severely fractured. For the next eight weeks he must be carried outside to potty then back to his crate. That will be his life.
His leg is swollen and bruised and has 5 steal pins holding it together. With that said the puppy just wants to be normal, wagging his tail and giving kisses. He simply isn’t capable of hating or holding a grudge. 
Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) heard about Zander's case and picked up the tab for his medical care. He underwent surgery and will have a long recovery period ahead. 


Please Consider Donating for Zander

Zander is a four month old puppy that was abused by his owner.  He was kicked so hard that it broke his leg in two places and caused his eyes to be swollen shut.  The terrible injury to his leg requires extensive surgery and he will probably need an orthopedic rehab program afterwards.  This little guy has such a great attitude and is loving, trusting, and gentle despite what he has been through.  PLEASE consider donating for his surgery. Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) is accepting donations to help pay for his medical care.  Zander’s former owner has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty.  Please help us get this precious puppy on the road to recovery so he can begin his new life.


CCFAP would like to thank everyone who donated and made 

this new life possible for Rhoda

Update on Rhoda (Now Chloe)

From Chloe's new family -

Many of you have seen our most recent addition to our family...Chloe. We adopted her a week and a half ago. We knew when we adopted her she had a previous injury that required an operation. We were fortunate enough to be in contact with Michelle from Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection. This non-profit raised the money needed so that Chloe could have her operation...and they literally saved her life. Chloe had her surgery yesterday (August 6th) at Midway Animal Hospital, we picked her up this morning, she is on her way to recovering. We are so thankful to CCFAP for all their efforts in helping all dogs in need!


                                                   After Surgery                             Resting Comfortably

               A BIG Thank You to Chloe's New Family for Adopting and Loving Her!!!            


Rhoda (Chloe) Before Surgery

This beautiful lab/terrier mix is Rhoda ID# 23129953. She came into the shelter on 7/1 as a stray so no telling how long she has been on her own. We noticed that she has something wrong with her back leg. So CCFAP (Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection) stepped in and had her X-rayed by Dr. Nayfield at Midway Animal hospital and it shows us that she has an old injury, a fractured bone that didn't heal properly being left untreated and her hip is not right because of it. So this precious girl has been in serious pain for some time now exactly how long we don't know, but she is just as sweet as can be and after all she has been through she still just adores anyone that will show her love and attention. So we need your help to pay for her much needed long overdue surgery to fix her leg. Her surgery will cost $1300.  If you can find it in your heart to help Rhoda, please click on the donate button to the left to donate to her surgery. She will be furr-ever grateful for your generosity.  If you have interest in adopting her that would be great too. She is resting comfortably thanks to a very kind volunteer Sandi Meyers who is taking good care of her. So please no amount too big or small, even $5 will help. Check out this video of her walking to see the shape she is in and how badly she needs this.