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At 3 months old, Noley has been injured long enough to have muscle wasting. Our best guess is that she was dropped or stepped on; there doesn’t seem to be injuries as if she were hit by a car. Her fractured hip was left for so long that she now has a luxated knee because of compensating for the hip. She was found wandering the streets in Inverness where she was likely put out to fend for herself. She’s a sweet little Lemon Beagle mix and only weighs 17 pounds. She’s never met a stranger and loves with all her heart. And in spite of what she’s gone through she is extremely happy, wiggly, and wagging. She’s so submissive and sweet with other dogs. She’s definitely a girl worth saving. Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) will be raising funds to pay for her surgeries. Noley will be under the care of Dr. Hay in Tampa who is a very skilled Orthopedic Surgeon. If you can help with Noley’s expenses please donate at or mail to CCFAP PO Box1164 Invernss, FL 34451. Noley will be available for adoption in a couple of months when her rehab is complete. Stay tuned and watch this precious girl grow up and be the carefree pup she was meant to be.

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