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What’s a microchip worth? Some would say around $20. But Terry would tell you it’s worth his life. Terry’s tale is a long one but it’s worth telling. You see, a beautiful young lady named Laci fell in love with Terry back in 2015 when she was volunteering at Citrus County Animal Services. Laci took Terry to every adoption event and spent countless hours trying to get Terry adopted.
When it looked like Terry would not be adopted, she adopted him herself so she could safely rehome him. At last he was adopted! But one day Laci received a call from a shelter in the Florida Panhandle that Terry was there. The new owner had not had the contact info on the microchip changed so Laci was listed as the contact person. She drove all the way to the panhandled and saved Terry again. She took great care to find Terry another adopter. Terry was a loyal companion to a truck driver until he bolted out the truck to chase something and was lost again. This was in Kansas City. The truck driver looked for days but to no avail.
Last week Laci received a call from the microchip company that Terry was in a shelter in Kansas City. They said he had a cut on his lip but other than that seemed okay. They think he was stabbed during a robbery in the home where he was staying. Laci immediately booked a flight and a rental car to go get her long-lost friend. The pair drove the 17-hour trip back to Florida. When Laci got back home she took terry to the vet and was horrified to find out that Terry had been shot and still had the bullet under his skull. It’s thought that Terry had ahold of the robber’s gun trying to protect his owner and was shot through the mouth.
In spite of his wounds Terry seems in good spirits and is his happy, waggy self. Terry is a very lucky dog to have his beautiful guardian angel looking after him. This story illustrates the value of a microchip is not $20 – it’s a life!
Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) is collecting money to reimburse Laci’s expenses. Any additional money collected will be used to host free microchips for dogs in our community in honor of Terry. If you would like to donate, please visit

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Have a heart for Holly! Holly is just a baby at 8 weeks old. She arrived at the animal shelter with a severely fractured elbow. She's in a foster home now and Citrus County Foundation for Animal Protection (CCFAP) is raising funds for her surgery and rehabilitation. Holly is just about the sweetest puppy we've ever met and we are working hard to give her the life she deserves. Please consider donating to this baby's medical fund.

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